We have received a number of comments from our members about our swan program. Additionally, we are cooperating with MCSO, who is in receipt of the craigslist ad y someone posted, offering our swans for sale; this sale was not authorized by the Rec Centers. We understand not everyone agrees with our decision, but please know we have researched this issue, consulted with professionals and veterinarians, and feel confident that we are acting in the best interest of our swans. The Governing Board is in agreement that the Association will continue to take care of our swans as we have for 30 years. We will not be moving or selling our swans. We will cooperate with MCSO should they bring any additional concerns to our attention. At this time, because MCSO is involved, we have no further statement. Our residents are invited to visit Board President Jim Sloan during office hours, from 9 to 11 a.m. Mondays (call Executive Assistant Karen Roepken at 623-544-6115 if you want to schedule an appointment); or General Manager Mike Whiting (call Management Assistant Cathy Peterson at 623-544-6110 to schedule an appointment).