Residents: You may have heard recently about a change in the television programming offered in our fitness centers. This change in the channels shown on the TVs at Beardsley and R.H. Johnson fitness centers was undertaken due to negative behavior exhibited by some members when political topics were covered. We’ve heard from many members regarding this decision, and we want to let you know about our future plans.  We appreciate all of your feedback, and your understanding as we deal with a sensitive topic in a highly politicized election year.

On Monday, Nov. 12, both CNN and FOX News will be returning to the televisions at R.H. Johnson and Beardsley fitness centers. All members using our facilities are asked and expected to behave in a civil, respectful manner towards others – now and when these channels return.

We will soon begin gathering information from all members using these facilities as to their television viewing preferences. Monitors will be supplying information to patrons so that their voices may be heard.

We look forward to sharing the results of this information gathering process with the community.