The Recreation Centers of Sun City West Box Office will make a couple modifications to its ticketing policies for dances and cabaret shows, to respond to concerns voiced by residents who have missed out on sold-out shows.

As of Dec. 1, buyers will be limited on how many tickets they can purchase, and chartered clubs will not be able to buy in bulk prior to sales day. This will give more people an opportunity to buy tickets. Each household may obtain eight tickets for dances, and six tickets for cabaret style shows.

The Box Office has designed its policies to make it as easy as possible for all residents to purchase tickets, both online and in person. With nearly 30,000 residents, some shows do sell out quickly. We expect that to continue even after changes take place Dec. 1, however tickets should be available longer and to more buyers.

Some residents have expressed concern that online ticketing has opened the door to more non-residents purchasing tickets, resulting in the sold-out shows. After analysis, however, staff has determined that the number of non-residents purchasing tickets remains very low, fluctuating around 3 to 5 percent, just as it did prior to allowing online sales. Most non-residents purchasing tickets are from Sun City Grand, Corte Bella and Sun City, and are joining Sun City West friends at the events. But again, it is a very small number.

Still, the issue of non-residents purchasing tickets has been a sore point for some. Twice in the last couple of years, staff has researched alternative software programs that will allow residents an advantage in getting tickets. Both times, staff found that the excessive cost of new software was not justified given the small number of tickets going to outsiders. New software and the associated credit card processing fees would be excessive, and that cost would have to be passed on to all ticket-buyers.

Staff will continue to evaluate options, but will give time for the Dec. 1 changes to have an impact before any additional changes are made.