Over the years we have had a variety of issues with sound in the Stardust Theatre. This made music and dance performances less stellar than our performance clubs and audiences would’ve liked.

A new contractor – Sound Image – was asked to come out and assess the problem. It was determined that the theater needed to be “tuned” to match the microphones and sound board to the auditorium.

With Theatre West (chartered club) willing to pay for the services of Sound Image, their engineer came out and tuned the theater, which has made a great difference in the sound quality.

This is the first stage of sound upgrades that will take place at the Stardust Theatre.

Already, the compliments are coming in. Theatre West is very pleased, but so are patrons of their events. After their recent show “Flash Backs and Fast Forwards” the assistant vice president of the Karaoke Club wrote she was hesitant to purchase a ticket because of poor sound quality at previous shows, but was so glad she did! She said in part “…congrats and thank you for a wonderfully entertaining evening that I did not want to end. How blessed we are to live in SCW and all it offers.” She also wrote “Much to my surprise your sound was excellent but moreso the whole show was captivating.  You all outdid yourselves.”