Recreation Centers

Of Sun City West, Inc. 





Date:               September 10, 2018


 To:                  RCSCW Governing Board


 From:             Mike Whiting, General Manager


 Subject:          Weekly Activity Report – September 10, 2018


Facility Projects:

  1. R. H. Johnson Tennis Phase 1; Irrigation and landscape are completed. Fence Installation, painting and prep. time for Acrylic surface in progress.


  1. R. H. Johnson Tennis Phase 2; We are waiting on Maricopa County permit for the Shade Canopy. French Drains and sidewalks are in progress.


  1. R. H. Johnson Tennis Restroom Addition; Roofing, drywall, stucco prep is in progress.


  1. The ARC Paint Booth Project continues. The ARC Building interior insulation is complete.  Drywall, wood panel interior walls and exterior stucco are in progress.


  1. Palm Ridge Roof Parapet Walls are 90% complete with an expected project completion date of 9-14-18.


  1. Palm Ridge Pool Deck construction has been completed. We are prepping the pools and the facility for a 9-15-18 opening.


  1. Pebblebrook Golf Ops Remodel; The flooring is in progress. Expected completion date for this project is 9-28-18.


  1. Pebblebrook Pro Shop Roof Tile Project begins today, 9-10-18.


  1. Kuentz Craft Room no. 5 Flooring Project begins today, 9-10-18.


  1. Beardsley Park Restroom Addition update: drywall and stucco are completed. Grading, interior painting, flooring and prep for concrete sidewalks are in progress.


Facility Maintenance:

  1. The Palm Ridge Acacia Room was repainted and a phone line was pulled for use as needed by the Gov. Board.


  1. A new HVAC Unit was installed at the Sports Pavilion this past weekend.


  1. Old Lecture Hall doors were replaced with new doors which look great.


  1. We installed new mini-blinds at the Crooked Putter Restaurant.


  1. Beardsley Pool will be shut down on Monday, 9-17-18, so that the new HVAC Unit can be lifted by crane onto the roof for installation.



  1. Tours and Scheduling revenue were up for the month of August.


  1. 84 transactions were conducted for our EXPLORE! Adult Educational Classes during the previous month.


  1. The next Space Utilization Study Meeting will be held this week on Thursday, 9-13-18.


  1. We continue working with a local group who will be sponsoring a Farmer’s Market in the SCW Foundation parking lot from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. each Wednesday beginning October. 3 through April 6, 2019. They have offered the Rec. Centers a table each Wednesday at the Market.  We will work with staff on rotating different attendees each week.  We have also sent out invitations to Chartered Clubs to see if they would like to man the RCSCW table at the market.


Events Planning:

  1. Tickets have been sold out for our Welcome Back Dance which is scheduled Friday, Sept. 21 from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. at Palm Ridge.


  1. Tickets go on sale at the SCW Box Office or Online September 11 at 8 a.m. for our Oct. 26 Halloween Dance and on Sept. 25 for our New Year’s Eve Dinner/Dance.


  1. We are working on sponsorships to help supplement our Free Events such as the Culture Events at the Great Lawn and the Free Concerts in the Park at Beardsley. Erika has brought in enough sponsorships from our free events in October to help with the costs needed to produce these events.


  1. We are going to offer another Scavenger Hunt for 2019! Instead of Lizards, we will be hunting for Suns.  Our Suns are already made and ready to go!  Thank you to the Wood Shop who again provided their assistance with cutting out the Suns.  We will be sending out a letter to the Clubs in the next two weeks to start getting them painted.  More details will be provided regarding the Hunt as they become available.


Sports Pavilion:

  1. Resident Play and Open Play at the Sports Pavilion are both up. Total revenue is up 16% from the same time last year.


  1. It doesn’t appear that a lot of the snow birds have returned to Sun City West yet as some of the Leagues have been slow to fill. We will delay the start of leagues for about 2 – 3 weeks to provide a little more time for league players to return.


  1. 152 bowlers participated in last week’s Tournament with the Bowlerettes.


  1. 45 attended our NFL Event on Sunday.


Village Store:

  1. The Village Store reopened on Tuesday, September 4, 2018. Village Store employees continue to take in merchandise from the Clubs.


  1. We are currently working on the upcoming Fall Arts and Craft Fair scheduled November 3.



  1. Tomorrow, 9-11-18, is the day the new Policy at the R. H. Johnson Library begins which requires all patrons to have their Rec. Cards scanned before entering. Non-residents and residents without Rec. Cards will no longer be allowed to use the Library.


  1. Tomorrow is also the day the puzzlers will dismantle the Summer Puzzle. The Social Hall staff will pick up the 12 folding tables on Wednesday.


  1. The Friends of the Library will hold a regular meeting at 9:30 a.m. on Thursday, September 13 at the library. All members are welcome to attend.


  1. Two sessions of Virtual Reality will be presented on Friday, September 14. These sessions are open to residents with Rec. Cards who registered in advance.


General Services:

  1. There will be an ONN (Our Neighborhood Network) Meeting later this week with some local churches to talk about social services and community outreach.


  1. All Staff TORCH Presentations have been turned in to Karen of the Governing Board Office.


  1. We continue to work to install scanners at facility check-in locations so members can download an app to give them the ability to use their cell phones to check in instead of using their Rec. Cards.


Golf Operations:

  1. Golf Operations revenue for greens fees and cart rentals is up 9% for the first 9 days of September as compared to the same time last year.


  1. Golf Operations Management met with supervisors to discuss and prep for the new scanners in Pro-Shops as well as plans for the new tee time lottery roll out.


  1. We are currently interviewing for Call Center and Player Assistant staff this week and next.


  1. The Octogenarian Tournament will be held at Stardust Golf Course this October 27. Signup will begin in early September.


  1. We expect to have over 200 in attendance at the Rules Seminar on Monday evening.


  1. Pro Shop Managers have been scheduled for a USGA Rules seminar in September and November 2018. The seminars are three days long and will be addressing the many rules changes in the USGA that take place in January 2019.  In fact, this will be the largest amount of rule changes to take place since 1984.


Environmental Services:

Golf Maintenance:

  1. The Driving Range Tee at Stardust was completed last Thursday. Curbing around the back side of the tee was poured last Thursday.  Half inch rock will be put down this Friday.


  1. Shoreline repair on hole #17 at Trail Ridge update:  We started installing block last Thursday.  The project is still on track for completion on Friday, 9-21-18.


  1. Cart Path repair and slurry seal at Stardust and Trail Ridge will be completed next week.


  1. Overseeding will begin on the first 4 courses in 2 ½ weeks as follows:

Stardust, Trail Ridge, Deer Valley, Desert Trails


If weather conditions are right, Stardust and Trail Ridge will be seeded earlier than planned.  These two courses are already open.


  1. We received the final Intake and Wet Well Inspection Report last week and it shows that we have some sediment buildup that needs to be removed from around the intakes. Work will be scheduled for early spring 2019.


            Landscape Maintenance:

  1. Tennis Courts at RHJ update; staff is currently installing irrigation. Rock and Plant Material will be put in as soon as the contractor finishes the concrete work.
  2. Staff will start back-filling around the new dumpster pad at Pebblebrook Pro Shop this week. If needed, plant material will be added to the backside of the dumpsters.


  1. The Softball park will close for over-seeding on Wednesday, Sept. 19 and reopen on Monday, Oct. 15.


  1. This Saturday, 9-15-19, Todd Patty will be speaking at the PRIDES Monthly Breakfast Meeting. He will be updating them on the removal and replacement of the Orange trees on RHJ Blvd. and the long-range plan for Stardust Blvd.  There are 348 Orange trees that line Stardust.  Our recommendation would be replacing every other one of the orange trees already there.


  1. The trimming of palm trees at Beardsley, Kuentz, Metal Club and along the Bell Road Canal has been completed.



  1. We welcome on board our new CFO, Ken Gunville who replaces Tony Struck in our Financial Services Dept. Ken is taking the time this week to familiarize himself with Association practices and policies.


Human Resources:

  1. Beginning July 1, 2019, Payroll will no longer be printing out pay stubs. All HR and payroll information will be available to employees on line.


  1. Our IT Dept. generated a new website for HR; You can view employment opportunities at RCSCW and apply for a job using this portal.


  1. We will be meeting with Cigna Healthcare representatives this week regarding next year’s insurance coverage.



  1. We are generating a list of staff to attend an upcoming GM Operations meeting to give the Board a presentation on their individual departments. We will start with Karl Wilhelm, Facility Projects Superintendent on Monday, 9-10-18.  We are in the process of contacting the rest of the staff to schedule each of them to attend one of the upcoming GM Ops Meetings.



Upcoming Events for September and October 2018


September Upcoming Events

Event Date Location Time Ticket Sales
Sizzling Series – Cantabile Strings Thursday Sept 13th Lecture Hall 1pm & 3pm 1pm 87   3pm 81
Welcome Back Dance Friday, Sept 21st Palm Ridge 7:00pm SOLD OUT
Great Lawn – Branded Country Band Thursday, Sept 27th Great Lawn 6 pm NO tickets required


September Upcoming Ticket Sales

Event Ticket Sales Date Location Time Event Date
Halloween Dance Tuesday Sept 18 Box Office/Online 8am Oct 26th
New Year’s Eve Dinner/Dance Tuesday Sept 25 Box Office/Online 8am Dec 31st


October Upcoming Events

Event Date Location Time Ticket Sales
Comedy  Show – Cary Long October 11th Box Office/Online 8am 278
Great Lawn – Octoberfest October 18th Great Lawn RHJ 6pm No Tickets
Halloween Dance October 26th Palm Ridge 7pm Not available yet
Free Concerts in the Park Every Saturday in Oct Beardsley 7pm No Tickets
Free Movies in the Park Every Sunday in Oct Beardsley Dusk No Tickets





Free Concerts in the Park Sponsors:

Oct 6th – No Sponsor

October 13th – No Sponsor

October 20th – Free Spirit  $300

October 27th – Home Instead Senior Car $400


Sun-Sational Scavenger Hunt:

We are going to do another scavenger Hunt for 2019! Instead of Lizards we will be using suns. We have all the suns    ready! The woodshop again provided their assistance with cutting out the suns. WE will be sending out a letter to the clubs in the next 2 weeks and start getting them painted.