The R.H. Johnson Library thanks Sun City West resident Joanne Kimball, who wrote a grant proposal on behalf of the R.H. Johnson Library. She was awarded a $250 grant and was able to purchase 13 books for the library.

She wrote in her grant application that she would “work with the Friends of the R.H. Johnson Library to select books that would enhance the educational offerings of the library for the benefit of community members who are in the third chapter of their lives (retirement).”

Thrivent Financial is a not-for-profit fraternal benefit society. Kimball tells Library Director Jane Kauzlaric, “Money that would pay certain taxes goes to strengthen communities, congregations and causes that Thrivent members care about. The Thrivent Action Team helps to strengthen the places we live in.”

Photo: Sun City West resident Joanne Kimball (shown at right front, with library staff and volunteers)