RCSCW 2019 Golf Events

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March 23, 2019, Automotive/Restoration Club of SCW (ARC) presents the First Annual Alzheimer’s Charity Golf Tournament, Echo Mesa Golf Course, contact Craig Landers at 209-769-6771 or via e-mail at craigatwca@yahoo.com for more information.

March 24, 2019SCW Sunday Couples, Desert Trails Golf Course, contact Lee and Jean Serr at 623-214-1501 for more information.

March 26, 2019, TaylorMade Demo, Grandview Golf Course, contact Reid/West at 623-687-4333 for more information.

March 31, 2019, SCW Softball Club presents the Tin Cup 2019, Deer Valley and Trail Ridge Golf Courses, contact Dan Mellon at 602-509-9827 for more information.