Updated Tuesday, Nov. 13

Photo: The ARC Paint Booth project is nearly complete.

Phase 1 & 2 at R.H. Johnson Tennis: Maricopa County final inspection passed on Nov. 9. Certificate of occupancy upon completion of restrooms. Grand Opening for the Tennis Complex is set for Nov. 29 and we will open for play that day.

Read all about this project and its origins HERE.

R.H. Johnson Tennis restroom addition: Flooring, plumbing trim, partitions completed Nov. 9. Drywall and paint touchup to take place over the next two weeks. making preparations for Maricopa County final inspection.

R.H. Johnson Library tower roof: Scaffold erection began Nov. 13. Bee hive remediation and roof repair work to continue once scaffolding is complete.

R.H. Johnson Facility Enhancement Phase 5: 50% of concrete work was completed Nov. 9. 25% of the demolition and repour of concrete (sidewalks) from Tennis to Meeker Blvd. is in progress. The final 25% of concrete work will begin April 2019 with the Small Dog Park project.

Automotive/Restoration Club Paint Booth: Final electrical/HVAC/sprinklers and parking lot asphalt are in progress. Parking lot striping will take place two to three weeks after completion of asphalt. The ARC is planning a ribbon cutting ceremony on Dec. 1.

Golf Course and Recreation Center monument signage is in progress. We have a new vendor taking over on Nov. 16 and expect completion of these signs by mid-December..

The Rec Centers appreciates members’ patience as we complete various updates around the community, and advises everyone to be extra cautious and attentive as they navigate our facilities and parking lots. Keep your eye on our Facebook page as we will attempt to post progress photos of many of these projects there!