Updated Tuesday, 

Photo: Monument signage at Kuentz Rec Center, ready for landscaping, plant installation. Landscaping the new monument signs has been delayed in many places due to cold temperatures.

RHJ maintenance yard: Block wall expansion is in progress.

Beardsley Park grading, drainage and concrete repair project was completed Feb. 1.

The decomposed granite walkways in front of the Social Hall, R.H. Johnson Admin building, Lecture Hall and Sports Pavilion will be converted to concrete beginning Feb. 11. The project will be done in sections so that access to these facilities is always available. The reason for this project being undertaken is multiple member complaints about it being a difficult walking surface. In addition, small pebbles are being tracked into our facilities, which is a problem, especially at the Sports Pavilion. The Governing Board recommended that we go out to bid for converting to concrete and the CFO budgeted it for FY18/19 in case the issue continued to draw complaints, which it has.

The Rec Centers appreciates members’ patience as we complete various updates around the community, and advises everyone to be extra cautious and attentive as they navigate our facilities and parking lots. Keep your eye on our Facebook page as we will attempt to post progress photos of many of these projects there!