Updated Tuesday, June 25

Photo: The artificial turf replacement at Kuentz Liberty Field was completed on May 20.

R.H. Johnson Small Dog Park Upgrade & New Cell Addition Update: We began pouring sidewalks and will finish pouring on June 18.  Iron fencing is also in progress and we are ready for our Landscaping Department to install rock along the wall and as well as installation of the new irrigation system.

R.H. Johnson Facilities Enhancement: Final sidewalk pour in front of the Small Dog Park and the Warranty Removal and Replacement of the sidewalk in front of the Tennis Facility entrance are scheduled for July 15.

Work on the Traffic Calming Plan for the R. H. Johnson Parking Lot will begin around July 23.

Construction on the Beardsley Yoga/Card room began on June 17 as we begin working on our space utilization plans. Most of the work on this room will be done in-house and includes walls, a lot of drywall, extension of the kitchen and led lighting.

Palm Ridge Pool Building will be closed June 24 and 25, indoor pools and spas from June 24 through July 2 and the outdoor pools and spas from June 29 through July 2. Closures are for the completion of several maintenance items. More info here.

The Rec Centers appreciates members’ patience as we complete various updates around the community, and advises everyone to be extra cautious and attentive as they navigate our facilities and parking lots. Keep your eye on our Facebook page as we will attempt to post progress photos of many of these projects there!