Recreation Centers

Of Sun City West, Inc. 




Date:               October 28, 2019

To:                  RCSCW Governing Board

From:             William Schwind, General Manager

Subject:          Weekly Activity Report – October 28, 2019


Facility Projects: (Karl)

  1. Palm Ridge Energy LED Conservation – Interior Lighting Conversion to LED fixtures is in progress by vendor through completion. Remaining areas to complete are the Aquatics – Interior Pool Soffit, Locker rooms, Miscellaneous Storage Areas and in the Activities Area – The New Computer Room and the New Stained-Glass Room.


  1. Palm Ridge Stained Glass/Computers West Club Renovation is in progress – We are in the process of Framing, Installation of Door Frames, Saw Cutting, Installation of Sprinkler System Modifications, completing the HVAC Rough-in. Electrical, Low volt and Plumbing Rough-In is in progress by the Vendor.


  1. Kuentz Pool and Spa Liner Replacement project – The Pool Liner installation was completed on 10/21/19. Plumbing and tile Work in the Spa is in progress by the vendor.


  1. RHJ Wall Signage and Courtesy Phone Signs Update; New Craft Village Room designation signs and Courtesy phone signs were installed. This project was completed on 10/23/19.


  1. Trail Ridge Pro Shop Tile Roof Replacement; The tile has been removed and felt replacement started on 10/24/19 during the 10/24 through 11/19 course closure which we anticipate will be completed 11/9/19.



Facility Maintenance:  (Russ)

  1. The Kuentz Pool has been refilled. The water is being filtered and chemically treated and is almost back up to temperature.  We anticipate having the pool reopened for use November 11.



Recreation:  (David)

  1. We are currently looking at the Kuentz Fitness Room Expansion layout and the layout of the old room and considering equipment to be used.


  1. Staff is very busy preparing for setup of the Fall Arts and Craft Fair scheduled for this coming weekend and tearing down the setup for Fall Fest.



Recreation Activities:  (Riley)

  1. If you are looking for information on CC&Rs, take a moment to check out our web page and FAQs using this link: .   We currently have under 70 open/active CC&R cases on hand.


  1. We have signed Agreements with two new Tour Companies; Kindred Tours which specializes in local/day tours and Allied Tours which offers bigger trips, overseas excursions and cruises.


  1. We are in the process of resolving some issues with the Dog Park this week.



Village Store:

  1. Katie and staff are making final preparations for the upcoming Fall Arts and Crafts Fair which takes place on Saturday, Nov. 2 at 8 a.m.



Sports Pavilion:

  1. For the first 24 days of October, League Play is up 10%, Open Bowling is up 24%, Bowling Revenue is up 9% and Total Revenue is up 9%.


  1. Our Sunday Special brought in $670.


  1. There were five 300 games bowled this weekend. Congratulations go out to David Bradley, Bill Poff, Gregg Rudd, David Massey and Jim Montgomery.


  1. The Lona King Tournament is scheduled for the 8th , 9th & 10th of     The maximum for this event is 150 bowlers.  So far there are 102 paid entries for this event.  We will be streaming this Tournament live.  Barry and staff are now working out the details.



General Services:

  1. Over the next couple of weeks anyone using Association WiFi will see a “splash page” pop up upon accessing WiFi. The user will be required to click on a box acknowledging that they understand and accept the terms and conditions each time they access WiFi.


  1. The Election Committee continues working on the Governing Board Election scheduled for March 30th of 2020. Petitions for those interested in running for the Board are available for pickup from the Governing Board Executive Assistant beginning Nov. 4, 2019.  All Petitioning Packets must be turned in no later than January 6, 2020 by 3:00 p.m.


  1. The 4th Session of TORCH takes place on Thursday at the Beardsley Facility. Some of the topics discussed will deal with Events, Recreation Facilities, Tours & Scheduling, the EXPLORE Adult Learning Program, the Village Store and Chartered Clubs.


  1. We will be interviewing for a new Library Director the week of Nov 5. Library Director Jane Kauzlaric has decided to retire and we will need to find a replacement for her.


  1. The SCW Senior EXPO hosted by the SCW Independent is scheduled for 10/29/19 in the RHJ Social Hall from 9 a.m. to Noon. You can learn about the latest senior health and lifestyle products and services related to retirement.


  1. In the November edition of the Rec. Centers News, we have 2 pages of Financial Information to catch up on now that the annual audit has been completed.  We will also be adding a CC&R page beginning November.



RHJ Library:

  1. Our Halloween Story Time and Parade took place last Saturday. 32 children and adults attended the Halloween Story Time.  Afterwards, the kids paraded their costumes through the library as they collected treats from the different departments.  Library patrons and staff loved seeing the adorable children.



Financial Services:

  1. Michael Box was selected to fill the empty Financial Analyst’s position in the Finance Department and week one went very well. Michael appears to be a good addition to the Department.


  1. Tim DeAngelo will be working with Dave Bennett to establish blanket P.O.s for ordering cleaning products and services from the new vendor.




  1. For the month of October 2019 to date there were 82 APFs with 8 refunds for a total of 74 APF Fees. For October 2018, a total of 91 were collected.


  1. So far for October we have taken 459 photos in the Governing Board Conference Room and 706 photos in the Member Services Office for a total of 1,165 new and updated member pictures for the month of October.



Events Planning:

  1. 300 people attended our first Culture Series Event last Wednesday with OOMPA Octoberfest. The event was well received.


  1. Our Veteran’s Day POPS Concert on Tuesday, Nov. 11 at Beardsley is Sold Out!


  1. Tickets are available for our “Roundup Dance – 5 in the Wheel” being held on November 15 at 7 p.m., Palm Ridge and our New Year’s Eve Dance, December 31 at 7:30 p.m. also at Palm Ridge.


  1. Tickets for “Spring Fest”, March 14 through March 16 are available now. Check with the Box Office for more information.


  1. Save the date 3-7-20 for our “BBQ Taste of Paradise Challenge” which is a Southwest National BBQ Competition.  To date we have 23 competitors, 5 committed sponsorships, Woodshop/Metal Club in-kind sponsors for trophies and awards.    This event takes place in the R.H. Johnson Parking Lot on March 7, 2020.  The parking lot will be blocked off beginning Thursday 3-05-19 through Sunday 03-08-19.


  1. Individual Tickets for our Top Hat and Cruise Ship Events are available for purchase.


Human Resources:

  1. Insurance open enrollment for employees is Nov. 19 through Dec. 05. Employees will be required to enroll for benefits through the Pay Com Portal System.


  1. We have established an Employee Referral Bonus Program to help with the recruitment of employees. We are currently down 20 employees from the budgeted number in the Golf Maintenance Division alone.  We are hoping this will increase the number of applicants for these positions.


  1. We will be interviewing for the HR Clerk position November 4, 2019.


Golf Operations:

  1. Financials for the first 27 days of October show rounds up 9% and revenue up 5% over prior year.


  1. We held the 24th Annual Octogenarian Tournament on Saturday, Oct. 26, 92 players, both men and women participated in this 8 a.m. shotgun.


  1. Echo Mesa Golf Course will be re-rated by the Arizona Golf Association on Tuesday of this week. This will complete the re-rating of all 7 of our golf courses.


  1. The four golf courses open on Thanksgiving Day this year will be Deer Valley, Grandview, Stardust and Trail Ridge.


  1. Computer Club Meetings on Wednesdays appear to be going well. Seeing some traffic in and out of the Conference Room each Wednesday morning from 7:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.  Computer repair seems to be the big activity each Wednesday.



Environmental Services:

  1. Golf Course Overseeding Update – Deer Valley, Desert Trails, Echo Mesa and Pebblebrook are reopened on Tuesday October 22.


  1. Landscape Maintenance Overseeding Update:


  • Beardsley Park overseeding begins Nov. 4



Upcoming Events

November Upcoming Events


EventEvent DateLocationTimeTicket Sales
Veteran’s Day ConcertMonday, Nov 11, 2019Palm Ridge2pmSOLD OUT
Happy Hour – Come Back BuddyWednesday, Nov 13, 2019RHJ Great Lawn5pmNo tickets needed
Hoedown November DanceFriday, Nov 15, 2019Palm Ridge7pmAvailable Now
Culture Series – T.A. BurrowsWednesday Nov 27, 2019RHJ Great Lawn5pmNo tickets needed

Current / Upcoming Ticket Sales

EventEvent DateLocationTimeTicket Sales
Roundup Dance – 5 in the WheelFriday, November 15, 2019Palm Ridge7pmAvailable Now
New Year’s Eve DanceTuesday, December 31, 2019Palm Ridge7:30pmAvailable Now
TOP HAT – UptownThursday, January 9, 2020Palm Ridge3 & 7pmAvailable Now
TOP HAT – ShashatyThursday, February 13, 2020Palm Ridge3 & 7pmAvailable Now
TOP HAT – Jump Jive & WailThursday, February 27, 2020Palm Ridge3 & 7pmAvailable Now
TOP HAT – ArethaThursday, March 12, 2020Palm Ridge3 & 7pmAvailable Now
CRUISE SHIP – Ping BrothersFriday, January 10, 2020Palm Ridge7pmAvailable Now
CRUISE SHIP – Tod Oliver & FriendsFriday, January 24, 2020Palm Ridge7pmSOLD OUT
CRUISE SHIP – AZ TrioFriday, February 7, 2020Palm Ridge7pmAvailable Now
CRUISE SHIP – Adel ExperienceFriday, February 21, 2020Palm Ridge7pmSOLD OUT
CRUISE SHIP – Black Market TrustFriday, March 6, 2020Palm Ridge7pmAvailable Now
CRUISE SHIP – Fair Child BluesFriday, March 20, 2020Palm Ridge7pmAvailable Now
Vox ForturaTuesday, January 14, 2020Palm Ridge3 & 7pmAvailable Now
Holiday Show – Uptown Angels & MacDougal Street WestWednesday, December 11, 2019Palm Ridge3 & 7pmAvailable Now
Spring Fest3-14 thru 3-16Beardsley7pmAvailable Now



First Culture Series was last Wednesday with OOMPA Octoberfest:

We had about 300 people in attendance but was well received


Fall Fest:

Thaddeus Rose Friday, October 25th : beyond fun! We had a costume contest and the dance floors were full all night

Best Single: sick man with Bud Lite IV

Best Couple: A Pirate and his Treasure Chest

Best Group: Hippies


The PettyBreakers Saturday, October 26th : this was a fantastic group and such talented musicians


KansAZ Sunday, October 27thI appreciate the band as they were talented musicians but not quite the appropriate genre.


BBQ – SCW BBQ Taste of Paradise Challenge

SAVE THE DATE – March 7, 2020 – Attached



Ticket Sales

October 29, 2019



ShowLocationTickets Sold%Date of          Event
Veteran’s Day ConcertPalm Ridge710100%11/11/2019
November Hoedown DancePalm Ridge30468%11/15/2019
Holiday Show                            3PMPalm Ridge8811%12/11/2019
Holiday Show                            7PMPalm Ridge18022%12/11/2019
New Year’s Eve DancePalm Ridge22251%12/31/2019
Top Hat – Uptown                     3PMPalm Ridge53366%1/9/2020
Top Hat – Uptown                     7PMPalm Ridge76095%1/9/2020
Cruise Ship – Ping BrothersPalm Ridge76694%1/10/20120
Vox Fortura                                3PMPalm Ridge7510%1/14/2019
Vox Fortura                                7PMPalm Ridge14318%1/14/2019
Cruise Ship – Todd Oliver and FriendsPalm Ridge800100%1/24/2020
Cruise Ship – The Arizona TrioPalm Ridge78898%2/7/2020
Top Hat – ShaShaty                 3PMPalm Ridge50763%2/13/2020
Top Hat – ShaShaty                 7PMPalm Ridge71188%2/13/2020
Cruise Ship – AdelePalm Ridge800100%2/21/2020
Top Hat – Jump Jive Wail        3PMPalm Ridge50762%2/27/2020
Top Hat – Jump Jive Wail        7PMPalm Ridge72590%2/27/2020
Cruise Ship – Black Market TrustPalm Ridge74693%3/6/2020
Top Hat – Aretha                      3PMPalm Ridge53366%3/12/2020
Top Hat – Aretha                      7PMPalm Ridge75594%3/12/2020
Cruise Ship – Fairchild Blues TributePalm Ridge79999%3/20/2020

2019/2020 SUBSCRIPTIONS – (Only 700 seats available for subscriptions)

Subscriptions No Longer Available

2020 Cruise Ship Subscriptions 7PMPalm Ridge700100%Dates Vary
2020 Top Hat Subscriptions 3PMPalm Ridge48168%Dates Vary
2020 Top Hat Subscriptions 7PMPalm Ridge69499%Dates Vary