Recreation Centers

Of Sun City West, Inc.





Date:               October 01, 2018


 To:                  RCSCW Governing Board


 From:             Mike Whiting, General Manager


 Subject:          Weekly Activity Report – October 01, 2018


Facility Projects:

  1. R. H. Johnson Tennis Phase 1; Lighting Electric, Drinking Fountain installation, and acrylic surfacing are in progress. This project is nearing completion.


  1. R. H. Johnson Tennis Phase 2; We completed the final pour on Court 1 on 9-28. Sidewalks, landscaping and fencing are all in progress.  We’ve started taking steps for Phase 2 completion.


  1. R. H. Johnson Tennis Restroom Addition; Stucco work is complete. Interior painting and flooring installation are in progress.


  1. R. H. Johnson Tennis Tower Monitor Station; Drywall is complete. Interior painting and flooring are in progress.


  1. The ARC Paint Booth Project continues. Interior painting, preparation for paint booth installation and exterior concrete/block walls are in progress.  Once work is completed we will develop the parking lot area.  We expect this project to be completed in the first week of November with a Grand Opening date for some time in December.


  1. Pebblebrook Golf Ops Remodel Project has been completed and staff has been moved back into the facility.


  1. The Kuentz Arts & Crafts Bldg. Flat Roof Restoration Project is still in progress and should be complete in about 2 weeks.


  1. Beardsley Park Restroom Addition update: This project was completed on 9-25-18.


  1. Golf Course and Recreation Center Monument signage; Stardust, Trail Ridge and Deer Valley are in progress.


  1. Work on the Liberty Softball Field infield begins on 10-8.


  1. The shared Driveway between the Recreation Centers and Fry’s will be striped on Friday morning, 10-11 at 5 a.m.



Facility Maintenance:

  1. We are working on Kuentz Pool Maintenance. Pool Supervisor Carlos is working with Facility Lead Frank on a process to clear up some spots with algae by brushing the tile and shocking the pool water.  It looks like this has improved the problem somewhat and we will continue to work on it.


  1. A/C Units being replaced at the Beardsley Facility have been completed. We will be installing new sensors and controllers for these units.


  1. The six HVAC units at the Sports Pavilion have been replaced. The old units remain on the roof, against the wall, until they can be removed in the next week or two.


  1. The Palm Ridge Bldg. is the last facility needing HVAC replacement. We will be contracting with vendors to have them replaced.


  1. We are waiting on one more vendor to complete their bid regarding replacement of the diving board at Beardsley pool. Some information was not included in the initial bid.




  1. Hope Fellowship Church will be having a paper-shredding Event on Nov. 3 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.


  1. Staff will be meeting this week regarding Space Utilization and Long Range Planning.


  1. Lynden Tsosie, a renowned Navajo silver craft artist will be teaching classes at the Toy-Ki Silver Craft Club October 25 through Oct. 30 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Some of Lynden’s pieces are on display at the Heard Museum.


Sports Pavilion:

  1. The Sunday Bowling Special brought in $641.00.


  1. 53 attended our Sunday NFL Special.


  1. The October 6 Senior Open Doubles Tournament is full.



Events Planning:

  1. We have had several meetings over the last few days regarding the ticket sales process. We have gathered information from these meetings and have come up with some recommendations that will improve the ticket sales process.  Details on the change in ticket sales will be provided this week.


  1. Top Hat Individual Tickets go on sale Tuesday, Oct. 2 at the SCW Box Office or Online for our Top Hat Series of Events.


  1. Cruise Ship Individual Tickets go on sale Tuesday, Oct. 9 at the SCW Box Office or Online for our Cruise Ship Series of Events.


  1. Veteran’s Day Weekend will be a busy time! On Saturday, November 10 we have the honor to host a free concert at Beardsley Park with the U. S. Army Field Band.  Opening for the U. S. Army Field Band will be the Sandra Day O’Connor High School ROTC.  Start time will be 5 p.m. and full concessions begin at 3 p.m.  No tickets are required for this event.


  1. Also, on Nov. 12 we will host the Surprise Pops at the Palm Ridge Facility at 1 p.m. This event is free to residents, who can receive two tickets per Rec. Card holder from the Box Office.  Tickets will be available Oct. 16.


  1. We’ve set the date for our 5K Run. It will be on March 10, 2019 at Stardust Golf Course.  We will provide more details as they become available.


  1. Erica’s first Culture Series of the season brought in approximately 500 people. The band was great and memo’s provided food for purchase.


  1. Octoberfest will need to relocate from the Great Lawn to Beardsley Park due to the weather and conflicts with Golf Maintenance’s overseeding schedule which was also revised due to the heavy rains forecasted. We will get the word out about the new location everywhere we can; Facebook, E-News, printed posters, etc.



Village Store:

  1. Katie from the Village Store continues working with chartered clubs on the layout for the upcoming Fall Arts & Crafts Fair in November.


  1. Our next meeting on the Fall Arts and Craft Fair is scheduled for Thursday, October 4.



General Services:

  1. The TORCH Meet and Greet is this Wednesday.


  1. The TORCH Fall Session begins on Thursday, Oct. 4.


  1. The Rec. Center News deadline is this Friday, Oct. 5.




  1. The library will present a program about Medicare at 10 a.m. on Tuesday, October 2 in the Social Hall. Doors will open at 9:30 a.m.  This program is free and open to everyone.  The speaker is Rosemarie Bielan from the area agency on aging, Region 1, Maricopa County.  Bielan a former Benefits Assistance Specialist for Medicare, is a very knowledgeable presenter and capable of answering a wide range of questions.  Her programs always provide a wealth of objective information about Medicare and other health insurance benefits for seniors, the disabled and caregivers.


Golf Operations:

  1. September Revenue is up 5% compared to the same time last year and rounds are up by 1.5%. Range Revenue is also up between 5 and 10 percent.


  1. The Golf Operations Remodel has been completed and employees have moved back into the Bldg.


  1. We continue the process of interviewing Player Assistants and call Center Staff for this season.


  1. The change in Pro Shop Supervisors begins today. Mark Adcock is now Supervising Pebblebrook and Stardust, Nibby Musso has Echo Mesa , Deer Valley,  and Trail Ridge and Jack Sommers is at Grandview and Desert Trails.



Environmental Services:

Golf Maintenance – Overseeding Update:

  1. Trail Ridge completed overseeding last Thursday. Stardust finished last Thursday.  Deer Valley and Desert Trails closed last Thursday, Sept. 27.


  1. Due to incoming rain, Deer Valley has put seeding on hold. Desert Trails seeded everything except the greens and green banks.  All four courses are scheduled to reopen on Tuesday, Oct. 16 but with the forecast calling for heavy rain, the October16 opening could be delayed.  Notice of any delays will be announced to the members as we have more information.


Landscape Maintenance – Overseeding Update:

  1. The first cut was made on Sunday morning at the Softball Park. Pythium was detected on the new ryegrass Saturday morning and treated with a second application of fungicide.


  1. Half of the Small Dog Park was closed last Wednesday, Sept. 26. The Park was seeded on Wednesday and scheduled for reopening on Monday, Oct. 15.  The second half will close on Mon., Oct. 15.


  1. The Great Lawn was scheduled to close today for overseeding but has been put on hold due to the heavy rain forecasted. Reopening is Wednesday, Oct. 17.  If we are able to put the seed down this Thursday, we should be able to open on Oct. 17.  We will know by midweek.



Human Resources:

  1. Beginning this week, all Employment Applications for the SCW Recreation Centers will be done on line in accordance with the new PayCom System. We will provide more information as it becomes available.


  1. Beginning July 1, 2019, Payroll will no longer be printing out pay stubs. All HR and payroll information will be available to employees on line.


  1. Our IT Dept. generated a new website for HR; You will be able to view employment opportunities at RCSCW and apply for a job using this portal.



Upcoming Events for October and November


October Upcoming Events

Event Event Date Location Time Ticket Sales
Comedy  Show – Cary Long October 11th Box Office/Online 7pm 278
Great Lawn – Octoberfest October 18th BEARDSLEY 6pm No Tickets
Halloween Dance October 26th Palm Ridge 7pm SOLD OUT
Free Concerts in the Park Every Saturday in Oct Beardsley 7pm No Tickets
Free Movies in the Park Every Sunday in Oct Beardsley Dusk No Tickets


October ticket Sales

Event Ticket Sales Date Location Time Ticket Sales
Top Hat Individuals October 2nd Box Office/Online 8am 100/show
Cruise Ship Individuals October 9th Box Office/Online 8am 100/show
Veterans Day Concert October 16th BOX OFFICE ONLY 8am 700


November Upcoming Events

Event Event Date Location Time Ticket Sales
FALL FEST – One of These Nights November 1st Beardsley 7 SOLD OUT
FALL FEST – Marmalade Skies November 2nd Beardsley 7pm 2324
US. Army Field Band November 10th Beardsley 5pm No Tickets
Surprise Pops Veterans Day Concert November 12th Palm Ridge 1pm Not Available Yet


Free Concerts in the Park Sponsors:

Oct 6th – No Sponsor

October 13th – No Sponsor

October 20th – Free Spirit  $300

October 27th – Home Instead Senior Car $400 – WEAR PINK to support Breast Cancer Awareness


Ticket Sales

After our meeting Monday, September 24th with a group about ticket sales, the Events Department has met and reviewed all of the options.  Recommendations were made to the General Manager and President of the Governing Board.  Once the recommendations have been reviewed and approved we will schedule them to be put into effect and provide details about the changes made to the ticket sales process.


Culture Series

  • Erica’s first Culture Series of the Season brought in approximately 500 people. The band was great and Memo’s provided food for purchase.



Octoberfest will need to relocate due to the weather and a conflict with the Golf Maintenance overseeding schedule. We have checked on Beardsley Park which is available.  We will get the word out regarding the change in location by posting on our W eb site, Facebook, E-news, posters etc.