Recreation Centers

Of Sun City West, Inc. 





Date:               November 12, 2018


To:                    RCSCW Governing Board


 From:             Mike Whiting, General Manager


 Subject:         Weekly Activity Report – November 12, 2018


Facility Projects:

  1. R. H. Johnson Tennis Phase 1 & 2; Maricopa County Final Inspection passed on 11/9/18. Certificate of Occupancy upon completion of Restrooms.  The Grand Opening date has been set for 11/29/18 and we will open for play that day.


  1. R. H. Johnson Tennis Restroom Addition; Flooring, Plumbing Trim, Partitions completed 11/9/18. Drywall and paint touch up will take place over the next two weeks.  We are making preparations for Maricopa County Final Inspection.


  1. The R.H. Johnson Library Tower Roof; Scaffold erection begins 11/13/18. Bee hive remediation and new roof project to continue after the scaffold is complete.


  1. The R. H. Johnson Facility Enhancement Phase 5;  50% of concrete work was completed 11/9/18; 25% of the demolition and repour of concrete from Tennis to Meeker Blvd. is in progress. The final 25% of concrete work will begin in April 2019 with the Small Dog Park Project.


  1. The ARC Paint Booth Project continues; The interior Paint Booth installation, final electrical/HVAC/Sprinklers, and Parking Lot Asphalt is in progress. Parking Lot Striping will take place two to three weeks after completion of the Asphalt project.  ARC is planning a ribbon cutting ceremony on Dec. 01.


  1. The Beardsley Aquatics/Fitness Center Flat Roof restoration was completed 11/8. Palm Ridge is also 100% on the roofing project there.


  1. Golf and Rec. Center Signage is in progress. The new vendor takes over on 11/16/18.  We expect completion of these signs by mid-December.


Facility Maintenance:

  1. We are almost finished with the power washing of the Kuentz Facility. The color selection has been made for the exterior of the Building and we hope to begin painting soon.


  1. We have stopped and covered the Library clock and tower chimes to protect them from the upcoming construction that will take place on the tower roof.




  1. The Grand Opening date for the R. H. Johnson Tennis Complex is Nov. 29, 2018. We are looking forward to seeing everyone there!


  1. Join us for our Jam Session Events on the second and fourth Mondays of each month at Kuentz courtyard from 1 pm to 2:30 pm. Jam Sessions go through April 2019.


  1. SCW Talent Spotlight (formerly “So You Think You Have Talent”) is BACK! We’re excited to present our 8th Season highlighting many new acts and “all” of your old favorites!  Join us on Wednesdays in the Kuentz Courtyard starting at 11 am for an hour of fun!  If you have any questions, call Patte Smith 623-544-6193.  The Talent lineup for November is:


11/14   Wilene Kohler and Friends

11/21   Neil and Friends

11/28   Bud Parker


  1. The Annual Chartered Club Officer’s Meetings were held last week; Wednesday, Nov. 7 at 6 p.m. and Thursday, Nov. 8 at 8:00 a.m.  Out of 109 Clubs 107 were represented.  The two clubs that missed the meeting will be required to attend make-up sessions.


Sports Pavilion:

  1. There were 90 entries in the Lona King Bowling Tournament at the Sports Pavilion this weekend.  Congratulations to Mike Haugen, winner of the Tournament with a score of 269 to 268.  Congratulations also go out to Ed Silva who bowled a perfect 300 game.  The bowlers participating in this Tournament were so good there were ten 279 games bowled.  Thank you to all those who worked so hard to make this year’s event such a success.  A local TV Station was on hand to interview the $5,000 prize winner.


Events Planning:

  1. Veteran’s Day Weekend was very busy! On Saturday, November 10 we had the honor to host a free concert at Beardsley Park with the U. S. Army Field Band.  Opening for the U. S. Army Field Band was the Sandra Day O’Connor High School ROTC.  The event was attended by 1,400 and was a huge success!


  1. All tickets have been given out for today’s Nov. 12 Surprise Pops performance at the Palm Ridge Facility which starts at 1 p.m.


  1. Tickets are now on sale for our December events “So This is Christmas” Dec. 12, 3 & 7 p.m. at Palm Ridge, “Holiday in the Park” Dec. 21, 3 p.m. at Beardsley and New Year’s Eve, Dec. 31, 7:30 p.m. at Palm Ridge.


  1. Upcoming tickets are also on sale for “Spring Fest” March 9 – 11 2019 and the “The Everly Brothers Experience” Jan. 5, 2019.



General Services:

  1. PR is in the process of advising Owner Members how they can register to vote online in our March Governing Board Election. Owner Members can send an email with their name, rec, card number and email address to  We’ve received 50 new email addresses to date.  Also, as a reminder, petitions became available Nov. 1 for any Owner Members who wish to run as a candidate in the election.   Those interested may contact Governing Board Executive Assistant Karen Roepken at 623-544-6115 for information.  All candidates must have all paperwork turned back in to Karen no later than 3 p.m. on January 2, 2019.


  1. We heard you! Good News!  We have added a button on the bottom left of our Homepage to purchase tickets to our events.  One click on that button now takes you directly to where you can purchase tickets to all our events!


  1. Gregg Bond has completed the new phone installs and is currently working on functionality and performing an audit of all extensions.


  1. TORCH graduation is Thursday, Nov. 15 at Palm Ridge. A special exercise will be included during their final session.  We’re looking forward to their feedback on that as we have been trying several new components this year.  We’ve had a great class full of really good questions and lots of excitement.  We hope some of our graduates continue their involvement in SCW after class ends!


  1. The Chartered Club website transitions are almost complete as there are only a handful left to take care of.  Great job IT Staff!



  1. The Friends of the Library Book Sale held this past Saturday, November 10 in the RHJ Social Hall was very successful.


  1. The Library Tower Roof Repair project begins tomorrow, November 13. The exterior book return boxes, the delivery doors, and the staff door of the library will be inaccessible during construction.  Please do not enter these areas.  If you have any questions regarding Library access, please contact the Library at 544-6130 prior to visiting.


  1. Susan Finlay, a Sun City West Resident and author of ten books, will present a book talk and signing on Tuesday, No. 13 at the Social Hall – East. Doors will open at 9:30 a.m.  This program is free and open to everyone; tickets are not required.


  1. Two sessions of Virtual Reality will be offered this Friday, Nov. 16. Because of the popularity of this activity, preregistration is always required.


Financial Services:

  1. We are finally working on the last of the Chartered Cub Audits due this year. We should be complete this week.  Preliminary findings indicate that there is a need for additional educational training for Club Officers which we will look at.


  1. We are reviewing Accounting and Internal Financial Processes for possible changes if and as needed.



Golf Operations:

  1. So far for the month of November, revenue is 7% down from last year for the same time period and we are 4% down in rounds. This is mainly due to there being 4 courses open for play as opposed to 7 courses open for the same time period last year.  We expect these figures to correct themselves now that Grandview, Echo Mesa and Pebblebrook reopen for play tomorrow.


  1. The PGA Rules Session on Friday, Nov. 9 in the Lecture Hall was attended by 100. Many thanks to Don Crumley for his help with a difficult setup.


  1. Thanks to our generous golfers, we were able to collect and donate $1,800 to Fold of Honor.


  1. 65 golfers participated in our “First Swing” Event on Saturday, 10 at Stardust Golf Course.


  1. 80 golfers signed up and will participate in our Night Putting Event on Nov. 16 at Echo Mesa Golf Course.


  1. Golf Operations is planning to show National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation at Grandview on the Driving Range Tee 1.  Join us on Sunday, Dec. 9 at 6:00 p.m.  Admission is free and you are encouraged to bring your favorite blanket or lawn chair to enjoy the movie.  The Crooked Putter will be available for food and beverage requests.  Popcorn will be available for $1 a bag.


Environmental Services:

Golf Maintenance and Overseeding Update:

  1. Grandview, Echo Mesa and Pebblebrook all reopen tomorrow, Tuesday 11/13/18. All three courses have a one-week cart path restriction.



Landscape Maintenance – Overseeding Update:

  1. Beardsley Park closed for overseeding Monday, Nov. 12 and reopens on Monday, Dec. 10.


  1. The U.S. National Lawn Bowls Tournament took place last week and was very successful. We have received many complimentary comments on the conditions of the Lawn Bowls Courts from the players, many of whom are from across the country. It was said our courts are the best they have played on and that we “produced the best venue in the country”.  WOW!


  1. We are spraying the weeds along R.H. Johnson and working with the PRIDES to remove them.


  1. It is possible there may be some frost to report tomorrow morning in the low lying areas.


Human Resources:

  1. Reminder; All Employment Applications for the SCW Recreation Centers will be done on line in accordance with the new Pay Com System. Interested applicants can visit   You will be able to view employment opportunities at RCSCW and apply for a job using this portal.


  1. Unfortunately our Workman’s Compensation Carrier will not renew with us due to the number of “accidents” reported. We are working with the Broker to get other companies to bid on us.




Upcoming Events November


December Upcoming Events

Event Event Date Location Time Ticket Sales
So This is Christmas December 12th Palm Ridge 3pm &7pm NOW AVAILABLE
Holiday in the Park December 21st Beardsley 3pm NOW AVAILABLE
New Year’s Eve December 31st Palm Ridge 7:30pm NOW AVAILABLE


November/December Current and Upcoming Ticket Sales

Event Event Date Location Time Ticket Sales
Spring Fest March 9 – 11th Beardsley 7pm NOW AVAILABLE
Everly Brothers Experience January 5th Palm Ridge 3pm &7pm NOW AVAILABLE
Holiday in the Park December 21st Beardsley 3pm NOW AVAILABLE
Illusion of Elvis 6 tix max/person January 22nd Palm Ridge 3pm & 7pm December 4
January Dance 6 tix max/person January 25th Palm Ridge 7pm December 4
“Oh What a Night” February 18th Palm Ridge 3pm & 7pm December 11



US Army Field Band was Saturday, November 10th at Beardsley Park:

  • US Army Field Band was such a huge success. We had roughly 1400 people in attendance and was a great all-around experience.


Today we have the Surprise Pops Veteran’s Day Concert at Palm Ridge which is SOLD OUT