Approval would ease deadline constraints; would not affect member rights


Vice President, RCSCW Governing Board



In our March election, along with voting for three new Governing Board Directors, you will be asked to vote on a proposed change to our Bylaws.

Most Bylaw changes are approved by the Governing Board you elected to represent you. However, there are a handful of specific Bylaw categories that the Governing Board must have approval by a vote of the Membership in order to change.  The proposed Bylaw change that will go before you in March deals with one such category – notifications to owner members of intent to modify Bylaws (section 9.2).

Summary of what is being proposed

Currently, notifications about proposed Bylaw changes must be announced in the Rec Center News 30 days before the Board votes on those changes. The proposed notification Bylaw change would still provide notice on the Association’s website for 30 days and would allow for notification in other electronic and print media. However, the proposed change would reduce the Rec Center News notification to “at least 10 days” to accommodate the publication’s cumbersome deadline. The proposed change would also remove the requirement that the Board formally vote on moving forward with a notification at Regular meetings, which are held only once a month.

The proposed Bylaw changes are not intended to reduce members’ notification or involvement in the Association’s governing process, but rather are intended to acknowledge the popularity of electronic media that didn’t exist or weren’t widely used when the Bylaws were written. The changes would allow the Board to more efficiently conduct business during its 10 months of activity each fiscal year before a new Board is seated the following June.

Benefits of Member Approval of this proposed change

  • Members would still get 30 days advance notification of proposed changes.
  • Members would still have input prior to the Board voting on proposed changes.
  • The Governing Board’s powers would still be limited, per the Bylaws.
  • Members would still be able to initiate Bylaw changes in the same way they can now.
  • Members could still petition to block proposed Bylaw changes to which they object.

Key Points Members need to understand regarding this proposed change

A YES VOTE will mean the Board:

  • May indicate its intent to amend the Bylaws at a subsequent scheduled Board meeting “by providing notice in electronic and Association print media.”
  • Must provide 10 days notice in the Rec Center News of proposed Bylaw changes
  • Must provide 30 days notice on the Association website of proposed Bylaw changes

A NO VOTE leaves the Bylaw unchanged meaning:

  • The Board “at any regular meeting may indicate its intent to amend” the Bylaws.
  • Must provide at least 30 days notice prior to taking action. Such notice shall be placed on Association bulletin boards, the website, and in the Rec Center News.

I hope our Members will recognize the benefits of approving this Bylaw change to keep up with the times while retaining all current Member rights regarding Bylaw changes.