Recreation Centers

Of Sun City West, Inc. 





Date:               July 30, 2018


 To:                  RCSCW Governing Board


 From:             Mike Whiting, General Manager


Subject:          Weekly Activity Report – July 30, 2018


Facility Projects:

  1. R. H. Johnson Sports Pavilion Shuffleboard Flooring project begins 7/30.


  1. R. H. Village Store Flooring project begins 7/30.


  1. R. H. Johnson Social Hall Entry; Drywall, Paint and Storefront doors were completed 7/26. Flooring installation is in progress.


  1. R.H. Johnson Tennis Phase 1; French Drain Installation is in progress.


  1. R. H. Johnson Tennis Phase 2; Completed the pour on courts 5 and 2 on 7/26. The Trench Drain is in progress.


  1. The ARC Paint Booth Project is underway. L. McIntyre exterior metal framing is in progress and they will also be roughing for the HVAC units.


  1. The Millwork for the Palm Ridge monitor station was completed 7/27. Counter top Template is in progress.


  1. The mechanical roughs are complete for the Pebblebrook Golf Ops Remodel Project. Frame inspection, insulation and drywall are also in progress.


  1. Demolition for the Beardsley Park Restroom addition was completed 7/27. Underground plumbing is in progress.



Facility Maintenance:

  1. We will be installing three new A/C units which includes the Sports Pavilion, and Palm Ridge Activity Center.


  1. Palm Ridge ceiling vents were scheduled to be cleaned during the Facility closure.


  1. The Dog Parks have been treated for ticks which required short periods of closure while the product was applied.


  1. We will be applying new facing to the Beardsley Park Ramadas to give them a fresh, updated look.




  1. The Palm Ridge Pool remains closed for maintenance until September 10. All other Palm Ridge Facilities have been reopened for use.


  1. Revenue for Tours with All Aboard America has been good. We have also entered into a contract with Free Spirit Tours which will allow us an opportunity to offer additional tours and trips to our members.


  1. We will be replacing the diving board at Beardsley Pool and are in the process of getting two more bids for this project.


  1. Our Space Utilization Study has been completed. We continue compiling information collected by this Committee which will be presented to the Governing Board and residents sometime in September 2018.  We will provide more details on this as they become available.


  1. Shasta is out to check on the RHJ Pool chemical feeder, which is under warranty, to determine whether it needs to be repaired or replaced.


  1. Recreation Manager, Kristie Riester attended the APRA (Arizona Parks and Recreation) Conference last week. The Conference was very informative and we received an award for our Virtual Reality Program at the R. H. Johnson Library.


Special Events

  1. Ticket sales for the upcoming season begin next month.


  1. Our remaining Summer Series Subscription tickets are $10.00 each for the August 13 (Peter, Paul & Mary Tribute) Show at Palm Ridge.


  1. Join us for our Sizzling Summer Lineup! These are a series of smaller shows at the Lecture Hall this summer to help you beat the heat; two of these have been sold out but we have one more show in August and one in September.  There will be two shows per day; 1pm & 3pm.  Remaining tickets for the Brass Quintet and the String Quartet are priced at $5 each, available at the RHJ Box Office.


Aug   9  –  The Kehlers (SOLD OUT)

Aug 23  –  The Brass Quintet

Sept 13  –  String Quartet


Village Store:

  1. The Village Store is closed beginning Friday, 7/27/18 and reopens on Tuesday, September 4, 2018. During this closure, work continues on the lighting and replacement of the flooring.  The Store will receive a thorough cleaning during shutdown as well.


  1. The 2,256 items that were still located in the Village Store were from 261 consigners. The items are now all gone as we prepare for all the maintenance work to be done at the Village Store.



  1. On Wednesday, July 25, the Arizona Parks and Recreation Association awarded the “Best Senior Program” to the Recreation Centers of Sun City West for the Library’s Virtual Reality for Seniors. Congratulations to all involved in making this Program such a success!


  1. Library Patrons enjoyed two more virtual reality sessions last Friday. We are currently signing people up for dates in October.


  1. Last Wednesday, the final bag of 4,000 puzzle pieces was opened. So far, over 1,800 man-hours have been invested in the project.  We expect the puzzle to be done fairly soon.


  1. Library patrons have made many nice comments about the new signage and landscaping along Johnson and Meeker Boulevards.


General Services:

  1. We will be revising the Entertainment Pages in the Rec. Center News to refresh the look.


  1. We have not been able to publish any new information to our website since Tuesday 7/24 through Monday, 7/30. Our IT Department is in the process of migrating our two different websites together which precludes us from adding or revising content during that time.  We will begin posting new and updated information to our website beginning Wednesday, August 1.


Golf Operations:

  1. The Golf Operations Offices at Pebblebrook Golf Course continue with the re-modeling project and it is going well.


  1. Pebblebrook Golf Course will be closed from July 26 through August 5.


  1. Golf revenue is up 3% over prior year. Rounds are 2% less than prior year.


  1. Paul Halton has retired. He finished out his last week as Golf Course Supervisor at Trail Ridge and Desert Trails.  Nibby Musso will be overseeing Desert Trails in the interim.


  1. Trail Ridge is closed until October 15th for capital projects and overseeding.


  1. Golf Course signage will be removed in the near future to prep for the new golf course signage.



  1. The Annual Audit Team were on site Tuesday, July 31.


  1. Tony is reviewing contracts and proposals from vendors for new HR/Payroll Systems. We would like to see if we can have a new system installed before the end of the year to meet the requirements for Employee Benefit signup for the new year.


Environmental Services:

  1. Pebblebrook Golf Course closes on Thursday, July 26 and reopens on Monday, August 6.


  1. We will be putting some sod down at Stardust Golf Course to replace areas of grass that hasn’t transitioned well. New irrigation system has been installed.


  1. We have had some transitioning problems at Pebblebrook and other golf courses. We may have to close Pebblebrook Golf Course for the month of August to address the problem.  We need to get rid of the rye grass and encourage the Bermuda to come in and may have to install some sod.  What Pebblebrook Golf Course needs most is to rest.


  1. We continue to trim the palm trees along the walls of R.H. Johnson Blvd.


  1. We have been getting the Lawn Bowls Facilities ready for their U.S. National Tournament in October.


Upcoming Events:       


August 2018


Aug 13                                                Beat the heat with cool Summer Series acts. With summer around the corner, it is time to find some fun, indoor events and the Recreation Centers of Sun City West has just the answer – the 2018 Summer Series. This year, the Summer Series will move to the Palm Ridge Rec Center, 13800 Deer Valley Drive. Series subscriptions are $21 per person and are on sale at or at the R.H. Johnson Box Office, 19803 R.H. Johnson Blvd. Individual event tickets are $10 and will be on sale beginning Tuesday, May 8. There will be no ticket refunds or exchanges. All shows are open to the public and begin at 7 p.m. Doors open at 6:30 p.m.

AUG. 13 MacDougal Street West A Peter, Paul & Mary Experience MacDougal Street West: the sounds of Greenwich Village now. They are a Peter, Paul and Mary tribute band for larger venues and for local performances. Our band members consist of Ron Skelton, Mary Alberts, Rick Shore and Bill Rice. The new flowering of a vibrant musical tradition was rooted in Greenwich Village of the early 1960s. Now legendary folk singers and songwriters of that era could first be heard nightly in the cafes stretching along fabled MacDougal Street. Today great folk still lives on in MacDougal Street West. The urban vibe of Greenwich Village emanates now from Arizona and elicits memories of exciting times past and hopes for brighter days ahead. Ron Skelton: Guitar, vocals – Hailing from Lancaster, Calif., Ron loved music performance from an early age. He has been singing and performing with his guitar since his high school days. Coupling with that his experience of barbershop quartet harmonies has made Ron a polished group or solo performer. Mary Alberts: Vocals – Having grown up in the ’60s, Mary Alberts finds particular joy in keeping alive the good vibe of one of her musical heroes, Mary Travers. You can hear and see the affinity between them in the contemporary Mary’s contributions to MacDougal Street West performances. A similar warmth of tone and personality with the original Mary helps listeners harken back to the halcyon days of the Peter, Paul, and Mary experience. Rick Shore: Guitar, vocals – In 1962, Peter, Paul and Mary’s first album was released. After the album, 11-year old Rick asked if he could learn to play guitar and hasn’t stopped learning and playing. From junior high through college, Rick has been in groups that feature his favorite sounds: PPM, Kingston Trio, Beach Boys, Hollies, Buffalo Springfield and CSNY. Bill Rice: Bass, guitar – Bill was born and raised in the “badlands” of eastern Montana, but headed south to Texas in ‘76. He played in several bands in and around Austin for years, finally arriving in Prescott in 1999.


Thurs Aug 9                                       Sizzling summer specials heat up in Lecture Hall. Join the Recreation Centers of Sun City West for a new format of shows that was offered in the Lecture Hall in July and August as part of our Sizzling Summer Specials. The Kehlers perform Thursday, Aug. 9, in the Lecture Hall. Tickets for the show are available online at or at the Box Office, 19803 N R.H. Johnson Blvd., for the low price of $5. All seats are general admission. Doors will open at 12:30 and 2:30 p.m.


                                                            Thursday, August 9 The Kehlers. The Kehlers’ singing and playing style will make your toes tap and your ears smile! For 43 years, Steve and Darlene have been entertaining audiences with a large repertoire of country, folk, bluegrass and gospel favorites. Steve boasts a unique, folksy voice and is a natural on the harmonica, acoustic guitar and mandolin. Darlene accompanies him on bass guitar (she is the only performing female bass player in Sun City West)! The Kehlers are pleased to be joined by guest performer Frank Menolascino on electric guitar. Frank, facility lead at Kuentz Recreation Center, plays a mean guitar that should not be missed. Purchase your tickets now for an afternoon of musical fun and enjoyment!