by Lynn Morgan Watt

Think safety and stay alive!

Hi fellow golf cart-driving residents of Sun City West!

I noticed something and wanted to share with you, for everyone’s safety in the community as we drive around in our golf carts during the day, night, dawn or dusk.

If you have golf clubs on the back of your cart, please make sure towels hanging from the golf bag(s) do not cover up the rear lights (see photo).  On several occasions, I have witnessed one or both lights being covered blocking if a turn signal is on, if the brakes are being applied or to even see the golf cart at all. This is potentially a very dangerous situation. Please take a moment to check your carts for visibility and thank you.

One comment that was made, is to use arm signals (like when riding a bike) in addition to the blinkers.

Another suggestion is to make sure you have your lights on, especially at dawn or dusk.  Most motorcycles now have their lights on all the time to increase their visibility.

Thanks for the comments.  Any and everything we can do to improve golf cart visibility on the streets will help reduce accidents.

Thanks everyone for your consideration and cooperation.