Gerry Connor says he has lived in many places throughout the country, and was a Navy brat for 10 years, including many ports on the East Coast.

“Eventually, I lived a total of 21 years there,” he said. “I’ve lived on the West Coast for 24 years, the middle country for 11 years, in Hawaii for three. And I’ve lived in Arizona for 9 years, including six years here in Sun City West.”

Connor was a business attorney for 40 years, with law licenses in five states including Arizona. He is married to a USAF veteran.

“We are blessed with a vibrant community,” he said. “I am running for the Governing Board because I can contribute effectively there to making our future better. I honed skills in my professional life that this community needs in its Governing Board members.”

Connor said he analyzes proposals based on facts. “Every policy, project or initiative must be well thought through and based in reality,” he said. “I think strategically. That means putting each policy or project or initiative into the community’s big picture. They must work both for those proposing and for the community as a whole. Most importantly, that means listening to the community’s voice.”

Connor said he can advance the Board’s effectiveness by working constructively with all Governing Board members.

“I believe in our future,” he said. “That means doing now what we must, to be ready for what comes in five years, 10 years and more.”