From left, Candidates Donna Maloney, Sue Fitzsimons, Bernie Reed and Bob Carneiro await election results. Gerry Connor was not available to attend the announcement.

Sun City West owners have elected four residents to the Recreation Centers of Sun City West Governing Board.

Earning three-year terms by being the top three vote-getters were: Sue Fitzsimons with 3,034 votes; Gerry Connor with 2,689 votes; and Bob Carneiro with 2,592 votes. Earning the fourth position, which is a two-year term, was Donna Maloney with 1,866 votes.

The other candidate who ran this year was Bernie Reed, who earned 1,817 votes.

A total of 4,155 individual voters cast ballots. Accounting for those with multiple properties, 4,292 weighted votes were cast. (Those who own more than one property have their votes weighted accordingly.) This included 4,058 votes cast online. Only 234 votes were cast on Election Day due to the high number who voted early online.

James Claiborne, managing partner of LLC said, “We were pleased to again be able to assist Sun City West with their annual elections for 2019.   We saw a whopping 60 percent increase in electronic voting participation this year, with over 4,000 members casting a ballot in the early voting period. Clearly, tech savvy Sun City West members have benefited from the ease, efficiency, and security of voting electronically.”

The Recreation Centers of Sun City West Governing Board is comprised of nine Directors, who are unpaid volunteers elected from among the membership.

In a typical election year, three of the nine Director seats are up for election. The two-year position opened up when a former director resigned.  As Fitzsimons is already serving on the Board due to another unfinished term, the second-highest vote-getter, Connor, will be sworn in immediately to fill the other existing vacant term. Fitzsimons, Connor and Carneiro will begin their full three-year terms July 1. Maloney will begin her two-year term on July 1.

“It has been my pleasure to serve as the chairperson of the 2019 Governing Board Election Committee,” said Kay Williams. “The Election Committee consists of 10 Owner Members who were selected by me and approved by the Governing Board in October.  We established the following goals:

  1. To increase the number of candidates willing to run for the Board
  2. Increase voter turnout from previous years
  3. Conduct an unflawed election process that was not tainted or jeopardized


“The online voting process has been very smooth,” Williams added. “We are pleased with the turnout and the fact that the Bylaw amendment has been approved.”

The Bylaw amendment changes the timeline for publishing proposed amendments in the Rec Center News, recognizing the printed publication’s long deadlines and the fact that digital media is becoming a quicker and more convenient way for more members to stay informed.

The Bylaw amendment passed overwhelmingly, with nearly 80 percent approving: 3,380 approved and 903 were against.