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2019 Sun City West April Holes-In-Ones

Name Date Course Hole Yards Club Bob Peterson 4-3-19 Desert Trails 11 115 wedge Sue Ritter 4-4-19 Pebblebrook 8 92 8 iron Gary Quinlan 4-4-19 Deer Valley 17 130 9 iron Paul St. Laurent 4-7-19 Deer Valley 17 158 5 iron David...

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2019 Sun City West February Holes-in-One

Name Date Course Hole Yards Club Jerry Pitzer 2-4-19 Pebblebrook 8 108 pw Tom Clifford 2-9-19 Pebblebrook 8 105 gw Jeanne Ricker 2-9-19 Stardust 11 91 7 iron Clark Root 2-10-19 Trail Ridge 17 131 8 iron Ken Michaelchuk 2-10-19...

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  The weather is nice, and the golf courses are inviting for a bike ride, walk/run, golf cart ride, fishing, swimming, etc. Our goal is for everyone’s safety!  Everyone includes, but not limited to, the golf maintenance...

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Impact of the New Rules of Golf

We are three months into the new year and with that our implementation to the new Rules of Golf have been felt in each round of golf that we play.  The top 5 rule changes that keep being discussed in our golf circles are: The...

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2019 Sun City West March Holes-In-One

Name Date Course Hole Yards Club Nicolette “Nikki” Dancu 3-1-19 Pebblebrook 8 118 7 hybrid Nancy L. Ward 3-2-19 Grandview 12 90 9 iron Steve Lovell 3-4-19 Grandview 8 127 9 iron Warren R. Kay 3-6-19 Echo Mesa 12 128 8 iron David...

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Tee Time Reservations and Call Center

The Call Center is made up of seasonal employees that are in place from mid-October thru mid-April to assist the 7 RCSCW golf course pro shops handle calls for booking, changing, checking and cancelling tee time requests.  The...

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2019 Sun City West January Holes-In-One

Here are the lucky Hole-In-One Recipients for January 2019!   Name Date Course Hole Yards Club Wendell L. Osborne 1-5-19 Echo Mesa 15 129 utility Charles E. Gilmore 1-8-19 Deer Valley 17 141 5 wood Bill Nesbitt 1-9-19...

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