The Rec Centers received the following via email and are sharing it as a community service:

by Jan Vejraska, public relations officer, Sheriff’s Posse of Sun City West

Jan Vejraska

We are not on the streets…..but our front doors are open! We have staff on duty from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday and 8 a.m. to noon on Saturday. We want to serve you even though our cars are parked and we are not patrolling the streets.

As vacation draws nearer for our winter residents, we want to encourage you to come in to fill out your vacation card. If you filled out a white card last year (2018), you will only need to update us with current information along with your dates of departure and return.

Last year we did vacation watches on over 4,000 homes in this community. Obviously, over the course of several months, we found problems but they were all resolved with proper action. We encourage you to use our services. We have been trained to know what we are looking for when we walk the outside perimeter of your home but we need your signature on the vacation watch card which gives us permission to walk your property.

We feel confident we will be back on the streets in a short time. We are all feeling pressure from our residents who rely on our services. I personally want that Posse car driving by my residence each night.

Commander Myron Finegold issues a daily briefing to Posse members keeping them current on the situation. He requested we look at the issue as a speed bump wherein we were slowed down due to no fault of our own. He indicates we are still here for the community and will continue to serve the best way we can by answering questions, preparing for vacation watch 2019, and continuing with data entry along with other internal functions that we do.

We ask that you be particularly vigilant at this time. When you check to see if your garage door is down and your outside doors locked…..give a look across to your neighbors to see if their garage door has been closed. Give them a call if you see it is open.

We have been contacted by county, state and federal officials regarding the closure of our services and our residents are not happy that we have been pulled from the streets. They rely on our services because for 40 years, they have had those services. BUT…WE WILL RETURN!!!